KineBody Pro

Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Features

(Last updated: April 24, 2024)

KineBody Pro allows you to move human skeletal joints in a way not possible with other models. Many of the features listed below are exclusive to KineBody Pro.

The features are grouped into 3 sections ('feature sets'), to match our customizable product structure:

KineBody feature sets are designed to be used together in a hierarchy as follows: Viewer is the base app - it can be used independently of the other products. PoseTools builds upon Viewer. AnimTools builds upon PoseTools.



Click any row in the table to see details!        [Key: ✔ = included; ▼ ▲ = show or hide details ]
Identify bones
6 DOF body motion
Motion control: joystick
Motion control: smart sliders
Motion control: numeric input
Advanced graphics
Load saved poses
Load saved animations
Copyright License
Adjustable layout
Save images
Multiple body types
Convenience controls
Extensive Help



Movable joints
Advanced joints
Joint groups
Unlimited ROM
Symmetric movements
Save poses
Show & hide bones



Create & save animations
Pose tracing
Copy & paste poses
Pose flipping
Export/Import pose variables

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