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Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Video Tutorials

Learn how to make the most of KineBody Pro features via our video tutorials:

Basic Operation

Title Description
Basic Operation, Part 1

Using Mouse (4:25)
Using Touchscreen (5:15)
How to identify bones and move the entire body.
Basic Operation, Part 2

Using Mouse (5:00)
Using Touchscreen (4:30)
How to select and move joints.

The videos above are also available on Youtube: .


Visit our Downloads page to get demo data files for the Animation tutorials.

The videos in this section use the former product name 'KineMan' instead of 'KineBody', but otherwise are up-to-date.

Title Description
101: Playback an Animation
How to playback and manipulate a KineBody animation, including required tools & data, loading the data, basic playback operation, changing the view, and modifying playback parameters. (Viewer).
201: Create an Animation I
How to create an animation from poses in the viewing area, using the [Append] tool. Background about KineBody animation structure & timing parameters, plus saving animation poses and sets. (AnimTools).
202: Create an Animation II
More ways to create animation content, using poses saved individually or within animation sets. Plus, using Undo/Redo for animation edits. (AnimTools).
301: Edit an Animation: Timing
How to modify pose timing & duration parameters, and reorder poses within an animation, using the Animation Editor table. (AnimTools).
302: Edit an Animation: Deletions
How to select & remove poses from an animation set, using the Remove & Squeeze and Remove & Fill methods. (AnimTools).
303: Edit an Animation: Modify Poses
How to modify keyframe poses using the [Replace] button, with particular emphasis on keyframe navigation. (AnimTools).

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