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About Registration and Subscriptions for KineBody Pro Webapp

This page describes registration and subscriptions for the Webapp version of KineBody Pro. If you're using the Android version, please see this page instead:


KineBody Pro has a modular design that allows you to select & combine feature sets to meet your individual needs. The modules & their key characteristics include:

  • KineBody Pro Viewer: the essential ‘base’ edition of the app, featuring ViewerTools. Free of charge, but requires Registration.
  • KineBody Pro PoseTools and AnimTools: add-on feature sets, available via Subscriptions.
Information about registration and subscriptions are provided in the sections below.


Registration (for Viewer)

KineBody Pro Viewer edition (the base app, without subscriptions) is free of charge, but you must register to use it.

The Webapp version of KineBody Pro Viewer is currently offered only via the website. To register for the Webapp Viewer edition, complete these steps:

  1. Fill in the registration form, at the KineBody Pro Webapp Registration page. Required signup information includes: a valid email address, and your choice of username and password. Also, you must accept the KineBody Pro Terms of Service.
  2. Validate email: will send you an email with a confirmation link. Click the link to validate your email and finalize your registration.

Once registered, you can access the webapp version of KineBody Pro Viewer by visiting the KineBody Webapp webpage & logging in if requested. Within the app, you can optionally subscribe to add-on feature sets (PoseTools, AnimTools) (more below).

Your registration and use of the KineBody Pro Webapp is governed by the KineBody Pro Terms of Service (for Viewer). If you order subscriptions, the KineBody Pro Terms of Sale also apply.


Subscriptions (for PoseTools & AnimTools)

Overview: Add-on features of KineBody Pro / Webapp are offered on a subscription basis. A subscription turns on features within the app that are otherwise disabled. Subscription purchases can be initiated within the KineBody Pro Viewer app (in the Subscriptions panel), or in Your Account (see below).

Subscriptions are available for the PoseTools and AnimTools feature sets. Prices for these subscriptions are listed below. Details about the features are available at our Features page.

Subscription access is managed by KineBody Software (the owner of the app, a.k.a KineBody Store and

Non-recurring payments: Subscriptions for the webapp have simple terms: you pay one time 'up front' for a fixed duration of KineBody Pro access. There are no auto-renewals or recurring billing, so you avoid the hassle of monitoring your account and cancelling to avoid ongoing charges.

Free Trial: A 7 -day Free Trial is available, which combines features for both the PoseTools and AnimTools. You must order the Free Trial before you can order a regular (paid) subscription. (You have to order the regular subscription as an independent step - it doesn't automatically follow the Free Trial).

Compatibility: Note that the KineBody Pro Webapp edition is currently compatible with a variety of desktop/laptop computers & operating systems, and multiple popular browsers. It's not compatible with mobile browsers, and may not work with any/all combinations of desktop/laptop hardware & software. Thus, you should use the Free Trial to evaluate the operation of KineBody Pro features for your particular hardware, operating system, and browser, before you commit to a subscription purchase.

Prerequisites: Note that the AnimTools features require a concurrent PoseTools subscription to work properly. Also, you must order a Free Trial before you can order any regular subscription.

Agreements: Subscriptions for the KineBody Pro Webapp are governed by the KineBody Pro Terms of Sale (in addition to the KineBody Pro Terms of Service ).

Prices & Payments: Prices quoted below are US dollars. We use PayPal to process payments; you can pay using a credit card or PayPal account. PayPal manages the payment process, including currency exchange. Sales taxes are included in the listed price. KineBody Software (the owner of the app) does not have any information regarding your credit card or other payment info. Additional info is available at Terms of Sale.

NameDescriptionSubscription Term (months)
4 12
PoseTools Adds these features to Viewer module:
  • Movable joints
  • Save poses to repository
  • Save repository to file
  • Motion control: smart sliders, numeric input
  • Unlimited ROM
  • Show & hide bones
$10 $16
AnimTools Adds these features to PoseTools:
  • Create & save animations
  • Import background image or video
  • Alternative rendering
  • Copy & paste poses
  • Pose flipping
  • Export/Import pose variables
$20 $32
Discount combo:
PoseTools + AnimTools
$25 $40