KineBody Pro

Movable 3D Human Model

Pro/Standard Feature: Show & Hide Bones

Show or Hide Bones

The KineBody Pro Show & Hide Bones feature allows you to hide individual bones, or to show individual bones in isolation. Hiding a bone allows you to see details that would be otherwise obscured: for example, clicking on the frontal bone of the skull allows you to view the skull’s interior. Showing a bone in isolation allows you to focus attention on it, and also to view details that are normally obscured by its neighbors. For example, you can isolate an individual vertebra, to examine the shapes of its articular surfaces.

Show/Hide examples: (left) Reveal obscured details, (mid) isolate a bone, (right) isolate a joint

You can show or hide any bone by clicking or tapping on it. To enable this feature, you first change to ‘Show/Hide Bones’ (SHB) mode: since clicking/tapping is normally used to select joints for movement, a special mode is needed to redefine that action for SHB operations. Changing to/from SHB mode is simple: via a toggle button, or, right-click/longtap on the viewing area.

You can also click or tap to show or hide groups of bones. Several predefined groups are available, such as Left Arm, Skull, Right Foot, etc. Group-oriented bone selection requires that you have a keyboard attached to your device: then, using special modifier keys, you can click on any bone of the group to show or hide the entire group. For example, holding [Alt]+[z] while clicking on any skull bone, shows or hides the entire skull.

Other show & hide operations are performed via buttons: these include Show All, Hide All, Invert, Expose, and special SHB Undo & Redo. Of these, the first two are self explanatory; Invert simply swaps the shown and hidden bones; Expose is explained below. The SHB Undo & Redo buttons allow you to change the bone visibility to previous states, which are saved in a dedicated ‘SHB history’.

Hidden bones can appear in either of two states - Invisible or Exposed:

The state of Invisible or Exposed applies to all hidden bones as a group – it’s not possible to simultaneously show some bones as invisible and others as exposed.

Two methods are available to expose bones:

Further details are provided on the Show & Hide Bones Instruction page.

Temporarily reveal hidden bones