KineBody Pro

Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Instructions:

(last updated 221206)

Selecting a Body


With KineBody Pro, you can choose one of several body types to show in the viewing area. The options include:

The different skeletons are shown below, accompanied by a list of key distinctions:

Median Female Median Male Original Male
(all at same distance)
Height 1.628m (5’ 4.1”) 1.759m (5’ 9.3”) 1.848m (6’ 0.8”)
Sizing Target ANSUR II* 50% Female ANSUR II* 50% Male “average 30 year old ” male
Ground offset 1.34 m 1.23 m 1.424 m
Intended use new projects new projects continuing old projects
(begun with KineMan software 2013-2020)

* ANSUR II: The 2012 Anthropometric Survey of US Army Personnel.

Additional background regarding the body types is available on the HelpTopics page.


To select any of the KineBody Pro options for body type, use the menu in the Body subpanel:

The body type can be changed any time. A change in body type causes the bone sizes (and shapes, in some cases) to change, but the joint angles and overall body position remain unchanged. In other words, the body types share a common pose.

One important ramification of this, is that the body ‘origin’ (where the red, blue, and green axes cross) remains in the same position, when you change body types. As a result, the vertical location of the feet will generally not line up, i.e., owing to difference in body heights, the location of the ‘ground’ will be different for each body. If you want the feet to align, you have to manually shift one of the bodies vertically by the difference in ground offset, as given in the table above. [We plan to offer a simple way to automate this offset, in a future release.]

Example: to align the feet of the female skeleton with the male, when standing upright, the female skeleton needs to be moved downward. The vertical displacement is the difference in ground offsets: 1.34 – 1.23 = 0.11 m. So, if the vertical position was 0.5 for the male (as indicated on the ‘vert’ slider), it should be reduced to 0.39 for the female.

A few pointers: