Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Instructions: Move By Number


KineBody Pro allows you to move the body &/or joints by entering or editing numeric values for the position or angle variables. This capability may be useful if your task requires precise or repeatable positioning, and/or the 'fine' adjustment option for sliders or joystick ( via [Ctrl]+[Shift] modifier keys) isn't sufficient. This feature is designed primarily for users with keyboard and mouse available.

To change a position or angle by number, you edit its current numerical value, located next to the slider for that variable, as shown:

The overall procedure involves 3 steps:

  1. Enable editing for the numeric value box
  2. Change the value, using any of several conventional textbox editing techniques
  3. Accept the change, or Cancel.
Details are provided in the following section.


Enable Editing
To do this: Proceed as follows:
Enable editing: Double click on the number input box (or anywhere else within the slider box)

The box background color changes to orange.
A cursor appears within the box:
Some text appears selected:
Change the Value
Move the cursor: [ → ] or [ ← ]    (same for vertical sliders & horizontal)
Click at desired insertion point
Select some text: [Shift] + [ → ] or [ ← ]
Click & drag over desired text
Select all text: Double click on box (chrome) or triple click (firefox)
[Ctrl ] + [A]
Clear the contents: Select all text (see above), then [ Backspace ]

Show cursor instead of selected text: [ → ] or [ ← ]

Enter numeric values: Can be any numeric value 0-9, decimal point, +, -, E

Increment or decrement value: [ ↑ ] or [ ↓ ], to change value by 1 unit
Accept or Cancel
To use the changed value: [ Enter ]

The skeleton moves (full body or joint) to reflect any change in the numeric value.
The number input box returns to normal: no highlight, border, cursor or selection are shown.
To cancel: Click anywhere outside of the number box.

The skeleton remains as it was before editing the numerical value .
The number input box returns to normal: no highlight, border, cursor or selection are shown.

Note: [ Esc ] doesn't work to Cancel.


Input devices: These techniques are intended for use with mouse & keyboard. If you only have touch input, you’re welcome to try them as an experimental feature. To enable editing for touch input, use a long tap (chrome) or short tap (firefox), instead of double click. Note that the operation & behavior may differ depending on the browser, and fewer options for editing text will be available.

Non-editable values: Number box editing works for most, but not all, of the sliders. The cases where it doesn’t work are: