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KineBody Pro Operating Instructions:

(last updated 221206)

Loading Poses from a File

This page explains how to load poses from a KineBody Pro 'repository' file.
For similar instructions about loading poses from a KineBody Pro 'exported poses' file, please see Exporting & Importing Poses.
For similar instructions about loading a KineBody animation set from a file, please see the video tutorial Playback an Animation.


A KineBody pose is a collection of numbers representing the spatial position and all joint angles of a body in 3D. KineBody Pro users can load pose data from a file into the app, and then view or present the pose using powerful 3D viewing tools.

Files containing KineBody poses are created using KineBody Pro PoseTools, a subscription product. You can view the poses with or without a subscription, using any edition or version of KineBody Pro. Without a subscription, you can obtain pose files from various sources, such as:

The KineBody pose file, sometimes referred to as a ‘repository file’, can contain many different poses, and may also contain KineBody animation sets. Repository files are structured as text files, but they’re encoded: they're not intended for reading, and you should not try to edit them.

Loading a pose into KineBody Pro is a two step process: First, import a repository file into the app, then select a particular pose using a menu.

Caution: Before importing the repository file, it's important to understand this process will completely replace any existing poses you previously loaded (or saved) into the app. If you have KineBody Pro PoseTools, you can save the existing poses to a file, before importing the new ones.


  1. [Optional, for PoseTools users]  Backup your existing repository contents to a file.

  2. Import the repository file: In the Save & Restore subpanel, click the Load Repository button. A file browser will appear, allowing you to navigate folders & select a file.

    Figure 1. Load a repository file

    Note that there’s no explicit confirmation when the repository is loaded. You can check whether the file load was successful by viewing pose names in the menu labeled ‘View a stored pose’.

    Poses loaded from the file are held in the KineBody Repository, which is a storage area in your browser or app, dedicated to KineBody data.

  3. Select a pose: To view a particular pose, select it by name from the menu labeled 'View a Stored Pose'. The pose will show immediately in the KineBody viewing area.

  4. Figure 2. Select a pose
  5. View & manipulate: From this point, you can view and manipulate the posed body using the features available in your edition of KineBody Pro, for example:

    • With no subscriptions (KineBody Pro Viewer edition): You can view the posed body from any perspective, change the body gender (M/F), save 2D images, and more.

    • With KineBody Pro PoseTools: You can modify the pose by adjusting any joint angles; plus show or hide bones; create new poses; save poses to a (new) file.

    • With KineBody Pro AnimTools: Create animations from multiple poses; import background image or video as a template for posing; change the appearance of the posed body (background fill & line colors) and more.


The message 'Repository file is corrupt & not repairable' will appear, if you try to import a file that isn't a KineBody Pro repository file, or, if the file is a repository file that you tried to edit (e.g., with a text editor). There is no way to repair such a file, and your only recourse is to relocate the original, unedited file.