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KineBody Pro Operating Instructions:

(last updated 240419)

Saving & Viewing Named Poses

KineBody Pro PoseTools users can assign a name to a pose, and then store the pose in the app's dedicated storage area, the Repository. After saving 1 or more poses, those users can reload any of the named poses into the KineBody Pro viewing area. For background regarding the features and benefits of these capabilities, please visit Saving & Restoring Poses - Background.

Controls for naming and viewing poses are located in the Save & Restore subpanel at the right side of the KineBody Pro window.


To: Do this:
Save a Named Pose Decide whether to use the ‘current’ pose name, or to change it.

The current pose name is shown in the textbox following the button & label '[Save pose] as'. The default pose name is 'my pose'. The pose name is followed by a numeric suffix '-N', where N is an integer (more below).

To use the current pose name:
  1. Press the [Save pose] button.
To change the pose name:
  1. Click on the pose name textbox.
  2. Edit the name.
  3. Press the [Return] (or [Enter]) key, to complete the entry.

    (Caution: The pose is not saved yet! Pressing Return only indicates that you’ve finished editing the name!)

  4. Press the [Save pose] button.

After the pose is saved, a confirmation message of the form
     'Pose saved to repository as <posename & number>'
will appear (temporarily) below the pose name text box.

Viewing a saved pose All poses saved in the KineBody Repository are listed in the menu labeled 'View a stored pose'.

Select a pose from this menu. It will appear in the KineBody Pro viewing area.


This section provides additional info regarding the instructions above.

Pose number suffix: A numeric suffix follows the pose name (e.g. ‘-1’); this suffix will be automatically appended to the name. The numeric value increments automatically whenever you save a pose, so you can reuse the same name multiple times, without ambiguity (& without the hassle of having to confirm whether to overwrite the previous pose of the same name). Note that the numeric suffix cannot be edited.

Blanks & empty names: Note that pose names can include spaces. However, it’s not advisable to include leading spaces, or multiple spaces together (for instance, if attempting to justify or align parts of a name): such name segments will be shown incorrectly in the 'View a stored pose' menu.

Likewise, pose names can be 'empty', by clearing the pose name text box (e.g., by selecting all then backspace). The numeric suffix (with leading dash) cannot be deleted: it's necessary for uniquely identifying each saved pose.

Operation sequence If you start to edit the pose name, but then change your mind, you must still press the [Return] key, to indicate that you're no longer editing.

Note that the [Save Pose] button is disabled while you’re editing the pose name. It will be re-enabled after you press [Return].