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About Registration and Subscriptions for KineBody Pro Android App

This page describes registration and subscriptions for the Android version of KineBody Pro. If you're using the Webapp version, please see this page instead:


KineBody Pro has a modular design that allows you to select & combine feature sets to meet your individual needs. The modules & their key characteristics include:

  • KineBody Pro Viewer: the essential ‘base’ edition of the app, featuring ViewerTools. Free of charge, but requires Registration.
  • KineBody Pro PoseTools and AnimTools: add-on feature sets, available via Subscriptions.
Information about registration and subscriptions are provided in the sections below.


Registration (for Viewer)

KineBody Pro Viewer edition (the base app, without subscriptions) is free of charge, but you must register to use it.

The Android version of KineBody Pro is currently offered only at Google Play Store. To register for the Android Viewer edition, complete these steps:

  1. You must have (or create) a Google Account (as instructed here)
  2. You must 'Add' that account to the Android device(s) (as instructed here).

Once registered, you can download the Android version of KineBody Pro Viewer. Within the app, you can optionally subscribe to add-on feature sets (PoseTools, AnimTools) (more below).

Caution: It's possible to register multiple Google Accounts on a given device. You should use the same account, for registration and all subscriptions. Otherwise, the subscriptions may not work correctly, or, you may receive incorrect subscription status information.

Your registration and use of the KineBody Pro Android App are governed by BOTH the Google Play Terms of Service, AND the KineBody Pro Terms of Service (for Viewer). If you order subscriptions, the KineBody Pro Terms of Sale also apply.


Subscriptions (for PoseTools & AnimTools)

Overview: Add-on features of KineBody Pro / Android are offered on a subscription basis. A subscription turns on features within the app that are otherwise disabled. Subscriptions are offered as in-app purchases; they can be initiated within the Viewer app (in the Subscriptions panel).

Subscriptions are available for the PoseTools and AnimTools feature sets. Prices for these subscriptions are listed below. Details about the features are available at our Features page.

Subscription access is managed jointly by Google Play Store and KineBody Software (the owner of the app).

Recurring payments: Subscriptions offered through Google Play Store are auto-renewing: Google will charge your preferred credit card (or other payment type) at the start of your subscription, and then at regular intervals in the future. To stop the recurring payments, you must explicitly discontinue your subscription: via the Cancel button within the KineBody Pro app Subscription panel, or via your account pages at Google Play.

Free Trial: Each new subscription automatically includes a 7 Day Free Trial, i.e., after you order a subscription, your credit card will not be charged until 7 days later.

Compatibility: Note that the KineBody Pro Android App is currently compatible only with tablets (not phones). Furthermore, it may not be compatible with some Android devices and versions. Thus, you should use the Free Trial to evaluate the operation of KineBody Pro features for your particular hardware & operating system, before you commit to a subscription purchase.

Prerequisites: Note that the AnimTools features require a concurrent PoseTools subscription to work properly.

Agreements: Subscriptions for the KineBody Pro Android App are governed by the KineBody Pro Terms of Sale (in addition to the Google Play Terms of Service and the KineBody Pro Terms of Service ).

Prices & Payments: Current subscription prices for U.S. customers are listed below. For subscribers outside the U.S., Google Play will attempt to convert the stated price into your local currency, as described here. Google Play may add sales tax to the listed prices. Collection of payment is managed exclusively by Google Play - KineBody Software does not have access to your credit card or other payment details. Additional info is available at Terms of Sale.

NameDescriptionPayment interval (months)
3 12
PoseTools Adds these features to Viewer module:
  • Movable joints
  • Save poses to repository
  • Save repository to file
  • Motion control: smart sliders, numeric input
  • Unlimited ROM
  • Show & hide bones
$8 $16
AnimTools Adds these features to PoseTools:
  • Create & save animations
  • Import background image or video
  • Alternative rendering
  • Copy & paste poses
  • Pose flipping
  • Export/Import pose variables
$16 $32
Discount combo:
PoseTools + AnimTools
$20 $40