Movable 3D Human Model


We apologize if you're having trouble running our KineBody app. Some suggested solutions are provided in the table below. If your problem isn't resolved (or covered) by these suggestions, please contact us for additional support via email.

Problem Conditions
(KineBody Edition, Browser, Operating System, Device, ...)
Cause Solution(s)
You can't log in; instead, the app starts in a partially disabled mode, and the Subscription panel says "You're not logged in". Any Pro edition The login system occasionally locks up. 1) Logout of the app: via the Logout link in the KineBody app menu, or, follow this link:
2) From there, go to
3) Follow the instructions that appear on that page.
KineBody app doesn’t start: hangs up at opening page (where it says ‘Loading, Pls wait…’), and progress bar < 100% Any browser or operating system; After an update, the browser is mixing updated files with old (‘cached’) ones Restart the app; when it hangs up, type the following key combinations, depending on your operating system & browser:
windows / chrome: [ Ctrl ][ F5 ]
windows / firefox: [ Ctrl ][ Shift][ R ]
windows / opera: [ Ctrl ][ Shift][ R ]
mac / chrome: [ ⌘ ][ Shift ][ R ]
mac / firefox: [ ⌘ ][ Shift ][ R ]
mac / safari: [ ⌘ ][ Option ][ R ]