KineBody Pro

Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Operating Instructions:

(last updated 240423)

Deleting Poses


  1. Open the ‘Delete, Export, Import’ section at the bottom of the Save & Restore panel.

  2. Select one or more poses by name, from the 'Select pose(s)' menu. Note that this is a ‘multiple selection’ menu - so you can:
    * Click on any entry to select (or deselect) it alone.
    * Select multiple entries by holding the [Shift] key (for contiguous names) or [Ctrl] key (for arbitrary names).
    * Or, press [Ctrl]+A to select all.

  3. Press the 'Delete Pose(s)' button. A popup will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion(s).
    (If a popup doesn't appear, check browser or app settings, to allow popups for the KineBody Pro app).

  4. Confirm the deletions.


After you press [ Delete Pose(s) ] and confirm the deletions in the popup window, the pose(s) are removed from the current KineBody Repository. You can verify the result by reopening the pose menu – the pose(s) you just deleted will no longer be listed.

This action only removes the pose information from the repository - it does not delete the pose from the viewing area.

If you use a pose as part of an animation set, which you subsequently name and save, that pose is copied and saved with the animation set. The copied pose then exists independently of the original pose, and if you delete the latter, it won't affect the former. To delete a pose from an animation set, you have to do so in the Animation Editor, and then resave the animation.

FYI: The menu for selecting poses for deletion is also used by the 'Export Poses' feature, so the controls for Exporting and Importing are included near the pose deletion controls. Apart from the shared menu, the operations to delete poses and export poses are independent. For more information about Exporting poses, see here .