Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro App: Modifier Keys & Shortcuts

last updated: Sep 19, 2022

Some KineBody Pro functions are enhanced by use of ‘modifier keys’: by holding the Shift, Ctrl and/or Alt keys, while dragging or clicking/tapping. Other functions are activated (only) by special keystrokes. This page provides a full list of the functions and their associated keys. If you're using an Android device, you can use these capabilities by connecting a USB or Bluetooth keyboard to it.

Function Control or action Normal Effect Modified Effect Keys
Body or joint movement Joystick (dragging across viewing area) Coarse movement Medium movement (10%)
Fine movement (1%)
Ctrl + drag
Ctrl + Shift + drag
Sliders (all)
5 body sliders (horiz, vert, spin, tilt, dial)
1-3 joint sliders
--- Move to zero (position or angle) Ctrl + Shift + Alt + drag
Joystick (dragging across viewing area) Use selected mode Temporarily change mode:
Use ‘1st’ uniaxial rotation mode
Use ‘2nd’ uniaxial rotation mode
Use ‘3rd’ uniaxial rotation mode
Use horiz & vert translation mode
Use distance mode

Alt + drag
Alt + Ctrl + drag
Alt + Ctrl + Shift +drag
Shift + drag
Alt + Shift + drag
Body movement Step rotation buttons
(CW, CCW, left, right, up, down)
90° step rotation Medium rotation (10° )
Fine rotation (1° )
Ctrl + click
Ctrl + Shift + click
Show or hide bones click on bone Hide 1 bone
- or -
with Expose mode ON,
Show 1 bone
Show bone group;
click again to Hide bone group
Alt + z + click
Alt + . + click
(mouse only)
while hovering & moving
over viewing area,
with 'Expose mode' off
Hidden bones are completely invisible
Temporarily 'expose' hidden bones
(show in dark gray)
Alt + X + move mouse
Alt + / + move mouse
(move, don’t drag)
Identify things hover or tap bone View bone name
in 'Pointing At' or 'Last Tapped' box
View joint name instead Ctrl + Alt + (hover or tap)
Use menus Any of these menus:
Select poses for delete or export
      (in Save & Restore subpanel)
Select poses to Add to editor
      (in Animation subpanel)
Select body DOFS, joints &/or groups
      (in Edit subpanel)
Select one item at a time Select non-contiguous items
deselect any selected item
Select contiguous items Shift-click
Play background video Time-stepping buttons
(<<, >>)
(<, >)

Step 1 sec
Step 0.01 sec
(step x10)
Step 10 sec
Step 0.1 sec
Shift + click
Edit animations Menu: Load a Saved Animation Set (With AnimTools)
Incoming poses are inserted
poses already in editor
Incoming poses replace poses
already in editor
Ctrl + click
(!! while opening the menu,
not when selecting an item)
(Upon entering '0' as time in top row)
first duration is changed, &
all other times remain unchanged
All times change (shift) to start
at 0, without changing durations
Shift + Enter
Export poses 'Export poses' button Use 'anatomical' sign system Use 'RH' sign system Ctrl + click
Other Subpanel close button ^^ Close all subpanels Open all subpanels Ctrl + click
Undo/Redo buttons Change (full) pose or joint
Change only body position,
joint angles remain unchanged
Ctrl + click