Guide for KineBody Pro Android Testers


Greetings, KineBody Pro Android Tester !

Thanks for your interest in testing our new Android version. This page provides info about how to get started, along with related testing advice. If you have any questions, please ask: [email protected]

The Android version of KineBody Pro will be undergoing a succession of test stages; at present, the app is in 'closed testing', accessible only by invitation. If you haven't been invited, but would like to, please contact us at [email protected]


Exchange info: In order to give you access as a tester, we have to submit your Google Play account name ([email protected]) to Google Play. You can send us that account name (not password) by email. After we submit your account name to Google Play, we’ll reply back to let you know everything’s ready.

Download & install: From that point, you should visit this webpage:, and accept the invitation from Google Play, to Become a Tester. You’ll receive instructions on how to download & install the app onto your Android device.

Try the app: You’ll be able to download & install the (new) ‘Viewer’ version of KineBody Pro for free. This version allows you to import & view poses and animations saved in KineBody Pro repository files. Those files may have been generated using our existing KineBody Pro webapp (with Standard subscription & possibly Advanced Option), or, the new beta version, either the webapp OR the Android version, when supplemented with the new PoseTools & AnimTools subscriptions.

Optional Steps

Subscribe: To evaluate features such as joint movements, sliders, and saving poses and animations, you'll need to subscribe to our add-on features (PoseTools and AnimTools), which are available for Android tablets only thru Google Play’s in-app purchase mechanism. The subscriptions include a 7 day Free Trial, and Google will charge you after that. We don’t want that to be a barrier for you, so we’ll give you a full refund, within 2 weeks of your payment (i.e., no charge for 3 weeks total), if you submit a refund request (thru the ‘Cancel’ link in the KineBody Pro Subscription panel). After that, we’ll assume you’re happily using the new KineBody Android App.

Provide feedback: You aren't obligated to provide any feedback: you can simply try the app, if you're just curious or don't have time to commit. But, as you might imagine, we’ll welcome any feedback that you can provide. You can do so within Google Play, via the Feedback section of the KineBody Pro page at Google Play, or, by email.

Read & evaluate docs: We've instituted major changes to some of our policy documents, to include the Android version, and also for compatibility with the new app modules, as follows:
Terms of Service
Terms of Sale
Privacy Policy
Compatibility Specifications. (Replaces our former Requirements document).
You should read the updated versions of these, via the links above. Again, we welcome questions or feedback.

[Caution: the new docs will be available concurrently with the old docs. To distinguish between the two, the new docs are the ones available by the links above, or via the links in the Release Notes. The old docs are available thru the app's menus (top right). You can tell which docs are which by their URL: the new ones include ‘/drafts’ in the path, whereas old ones include ‘/docs’ instead].

Other Notes:

About touch input: Note that there are some important differences between the webapp and Android versions of KineBody Pro. For example, the touch input requires different techniques than are used with mouse input. Some help for touch users is available within the App, in the Hints panel (Touch tab). For more detail, a draft video showing basic operations for touch users is available at this link; it’s somewhat out-of-date, as it was created before the reorganization of KineBody modules – but the touch techniques haven't changed.

About saved files: Another difference is how & where KineBody Pro files ( = saved images, repository and exported poses) are stored. There’s a special write-up describing these issues, on this page.

Schedule: this invitation-only phase of testing will run for just a few weeks: from late Sept 2022 until early October. After that, we’ll promote the Android App to ‘Open testing’, which allows any Google Play user to evaluate the app. So, if you’re too busy to evaluate the app now, there’ll be more opportunities later.

Thanks for your consideration !