Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Features

(Last updated: Sep 19, 2022. This draft page describes features contained in our upcoming R22.10 release; for the existing app (R21.02) please see this page)

KineBody Pro allows you to move human skeletal joints in a way not possible with other models. Many of the features listed below are exclusive to KineBody Pro.

The features are grouped into 3 sections ('feature sets'), to match our customizable product structure:

KineBody feature sets are designed to be used together in a hierarchy as follows: Viewer is the base app - it can be used independently of the other products. PoseTools builds upon Viewer. AnimTools builds upon PoseTools.


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Identify bones
6 DOF body motion
Motion control: joystick
Advanced graphics
Load saved poses
Load saved animations
Copyright License
Adjustable layout
Save images
Multiple body types
Convenience controls
Extensive Help


Movable joints
Advanced joints
Joint groups
Motion control: smart sliders
Motion control: numeric input
Unlimited ROM
Symmetric movements
Save poses
Show & hide bones


Create & save animations
Pose tracing
Copy & paste poses
Pose flipping
Export/Import pose variables

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